We are excited to start this new program for the benefit of youth golf in our Tri-County area.  We hope these funds can help jump-start many golf ideas. 



Our first round of applications closed JUNE 15, 2018

Our second round of applications closed MARCH 1, 2019

Our third round of applications closed April 1,


Our fourth round of applications closed April 30, 2021 

Our 2018 winners were each granted $1,000:

Washington Park District

Washington High School

Richwoods High School

TOTAL $3,000


Our 2019 winners:  each granted $1,000

Peoria Park District

Pekin Park District

Dunlap HS Golf Team

Central HS Golf Team

Manual HS Golf Team

The following were granted $500 each:

Mark Bills GS Golf Program

Eureka/Kaufman Park Junior Program

Richwoods HS Golf Team $400

TOTAL $6,400


Our 2020 Winners

Pekin Park District $1,000

Elmwood HS Boys/Girls Golf Team $850

Peoria Notre Dame Junior Golf Program $850

Concordia Luthern Junior Golf Program $800

Richwoods HS Golf Team $600

Brimfield HS Golf Team $500

Midwest Central Golf Team $400

TOTAL $5000

Our 2021 Winners

Peoria Park District $1000

Peoria Notre Dame HS Golf Team $900

Dunlap HS Golf Team $900

Elmwood HS Golf Team $900

Pekin Park District $800

Midwest Central HS Golf Team $500

Total $5,000





If you have any questions, please email us: rivercupgrants@gmail.com.