We are excited to start this new program for the benefit of youth golf in our Tri-County area.  We hope these funds can help jump-start many golf ideas. 

Our first round of applications closed JUNE 15, 2018

Our second round of applications closed MARCH 1, 2019


Our 2018 winners were each granted $1,000:

Washington Park District

Washington High School

Richwoods High School

TOTAL $3,000

Our 2019 winners:  each granted $1,000

Peoria Park District

Pekin Park District

Dunlap HS Golf Team

Central HS Golf Team

Manual HS Golf Team

The following were granted $500 each:

Mark Bills GS Golf Program

Eureka/Kaufman Park Junior Program

TOTAL $6,000




If you have any questions, please email us: rivercupgrants@gmail.com.